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1977 Tour Dates

The surviving 1977 calendar didn’t have much information in it.  Thanks to Gordon Johnson for providing detailed information about the 1977 dates from his personal archive.  Thanks also to Peter Erskine for providing additional information about the Japan tour in September.

Conquistador ad

Holton ad

January  January Calendar Page    ARTICLE    ARTICLE 2    ARTICLE 3
1/12 Buffalo, NY Rehearsal
1/13 Bradford, PA  Bradford High School
1/14 Buffalo, NY  Executive Inn
1/15 Camillus, NY  West Genessee High School
1/16 Troy, NY  Hudson Valley Community College
1/17 North Hampton, PA  North Hampton High School
1/18 Somerset, MA  Somerset High School
1/19 Chatham, NJ  Chatham Township Article
1/20 Islip Terrace, NY  East Islip High School
1/21 North Brunswick, NJ  Holiday Inn
1/22 NY, NY  Felt Forum
1/23 Baltimore, MD  Lyric Theatre
1/24 Wilkes-Barre, PA  Hi-Lite Club
1/25 Greenville, PA  Thiel College
1/26 Lakewood, OH  Lakewood High School
1/27 Cincinnati, OH  Maggie’s Opera House
1/28 Canton, OH  Old Style Performing Arts
1/29 Davison, MI  Davison High School
1/30 St. Clair Shores, MI  Lakeview High School
1/31 Fly to Raleigh, NC Travel Day

February Calendar page
2/1 Greenville, NC  East Carolina University
2/2 Evansville, IN  Memorial High School
2/3 Indianapolis, IN  Pike High School
2/4 Muncie, IN  Ball State University
2/5 Oxford, OH  Miami University
2/6 London, Ontario, Canada  Centennial Hall
2/7 Rolling Meadows, IL  Rolling Meadows High School
2/8 Elkhart, IN  Concord Performing Arts Center
2/9 Caldwood, MI  Tibbits Opera House
2/10 Whitehall, OH  Whitehall High School
2/11 Pittsburgh, PA  Carnegie Music Hall
2/12 Dayton, OH  Victory Theatre
2/13 Off in Dayton, OH
2/14 Slippery Rock, PA  Slippery  Rock State University
2/15 Hopewell Junction, NY  John Jay High School
2/16 Sayre, PA  Sayre Area High School
2/17 Abington, PA  Abington High School

Set I
Blue Birdland
Two For Otis
Star Trek
Set II
MacArthur Park (end)
The Fly
Band member intros
Portrait of Alarga

2/18 NY, NY  Bottom Line
2/19 NY, NY  Bottom Line

Set I
Blue Birdland
Star Trek
Two For Otis
The Way We Were
I Can’t Get Started
Set 2
Blue Birdland
The Fly
The Way We Were
Two For Otis

2/20 Montreal, Quebec, Canada  Place Des Arts
2/21 Jamestown, NY  Jamestown College
2/22 Travel Day in Boston, MA
2/23 Boston, MA  Music Hall
2/24 Alfred, NY
2/25 Willow Dale, Canada  Seneca College
2/26 Travel Day off, Silver Spring, MD
2/27 Rehearsal in Silver Spring, MD
2/28 Silver Spring, MD  Villa Rosa Show Boat

March Calendar page
3/1 Philadelphia, PA  The Mike Douglas Show
3/2 Westminster, MD
3/3 Salem, VA
3/4 Norton, VA
3/5 Travel & day off, Atlanta, GA
3/6 Forsythe, GA  Harlequin Dinner Theater (Atlanta)
3/7 Forsythe, GA  Harlequin Dinner Theater (Atlanta)
3/8 Birmingham, AL
3/9 Douglas, GA
3/10 Del Ray Beach, FL
3/11 Miami, FL  Joe Rico’s Room
3/12 Miami, FL  Joe Rico’s Room
3/13 Miami, FL  Joe Rico’s Room
3/14 West Palm Beach  JB’s Lounge
3/15 New Orleans, LA
3/16 Travel & Day Off in San Antonio, TX (530 miles)
3/17 San Antonio, TX  Burbank High School
3/18 El Paso, TX
3/19 Thatcher, AZ
3/20 Tucson, AZ
3/21 Scottsdale, AZ  Saguaro High School

Set I
Blue Birdland
Give It One
Star Trek
Primal Scream
Set II
MacArthur Park (intro)
Sweet Firebird 3

3/22 Montebello, CA
3/23 Le Moore, CA
3/24 San Francisco, CA  Great American Music Hall
3/25 San Francisco, CA  Great American Music Hall
3/26 San Francisco, CA  Great American Music Hall
3/27 Vallejo, CA
3/28 Roseburg, OR
3/29 Springfield, WA
3/30 Aberdeen, WA
3/31 Seattle, WA

Unconfirmed date/venue (MF made no appearances here in 1977,
but setlist puts it in this period):
Knoxville, TN Halls High School

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me
Suite Firebird #3
Theme from Star Trek

April Calendar page
4/1 Laramie, WY
4/2 Lakewood, CO  Alameda High School (End of tour)
25 Days off
4/28 Mentor, OH  Mentor High School (Start of Tour)
4/29 Steger, IL  Red Lion
4/30 Terre Haute, IN  South Vigo High School

May Calendar page
5/1 Beardstown, IN  Beardstown High School
5/2 Verona, WI  Verona High School
5/3 Appleton, WI  Fox Valley Lutheran High School
5/4 St. Paul, MN  Prom Center
5/5 Colby (Madison), WI  Madison Area Tech College
5/6 Muskegon, MI  Michigan Theatre
5/7 Okemos, MI  Okemos High School
5/8 Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada  White Pines Collegiate School
5/9 Travel Day and off in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
5/10 Willowdale, Canada  Seneca College

TV show (filmed at Seneca College near Toronto)
Give It One
Primal Scream
I Can’t Get Started
Blue Birdland

5/11 Rochester, NY  Town & Country
5/12 Fairless Hills, PA  Pennsbury High School
5/13 Baltimore, MD  Civic Center (doubleheader with Buddy Rich)

1) Blue Birdland (Intro)
2) Give It One
3) Star Trek
4) Two For Otis
5) Feelings
6) Conquistador
7) Rocky
8) Pagliacci
9) Blue Birdland (End)

per Steve Schulz, Facebook
5/14 Belair, MD  Hartford Community College
5/15 Annapolis, MD  National Guard Armory
5/16 Cedar Grove, NJ  Meadowbrook High School
5/17  Day off
5/18 N. Brunswick, NJ  Holiday Inn
5/19 Rosemere, Quebec, Canada  Rosemere High School
5/20 Travel Day
5/21 Halifax, Nova Scotia  Dalhousie University
5/22 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
5/23 Erie, PA  Calabrese Club
5/24 Travel to Chicago, IL
5/25 Bloomington, IL  Red Lion
5/26 Springfield, MO  Glendale High School
5/27 St. Louis, MO  Chase Park Plaza
5/28 Rapid City, SD  Stevens High School
5/29 Travel to Chicago, IL
5/30 Chicago, IL  Water Tower Drury Lane Theatre

6/1 Troy, MI
6/2 Travel to NYC
6/3 Day off in NYC
6/4 NY, NY  Palladium
6/5 King’s College Gymnasium  Wilkes Barre, PA  Program p1  Program p2
6/6 Indianapolis, IN  Beef & Boards Dinner Theater
6/7 St. Louis, MO Barn Dinner Theater
6/8 Tulsa, OK
6/9 New Orleans, LA
6/10 Houston, TX
6/11 Atlanta, GA  Hilton Hotel (possible day off per Gordon Johnson)
6/12 Atlanta, GA Fox Theater
6/13 Atlanta, GA  Omni Hotel
6/14 Travel to Columbus, OH
6/15 Columbus, OH
6/16 Dayton, OH
6/17 Chagrin Falls, OH  Private Performance at Hillbrook Club
6/18 Philadelphia, PA  Academy of Music (?)
6/19 Peabody, MA  Holiday Inn
6/20 Peabody, MA  Holiday Inn
6/21 Lake George, NY
6/22 Day Off
6/23 Bristol, CT  Lake Compounce
6/24 Brockton, MA  Brockton High School
6/25 Buffalo, NY  Shea’s Performing Arts Center
6/26 Baltimore, MD  Famous Ballroom
6/27 Silver Springs, MD  Villa Rosa Show Boat
6/28 NY, NY  Carnegie Hall
6/29 Wildwood, NJ  London Ale House
6/30 Wildwood, NJ  London Ale House

7/1 Eynon, PA (near Scranton)  Weldwood Lounge
7/2 Cheswick, PA (near Pittsburgh)  The Great Gatsby
7/3 Toronto, Canada  The Forum, Ontario Place
7/4 Travel & day off, NYC
7/5 – 7/11 NY, NY  Recording (New Vintage)
7/12 Mike Douglas Show taping

Gonna Fly Now (Rocky)
Theme from Star Trek

7/13 Philadelphia, PA  Robin Hood Del
7/14 Rain date for above

7/15 to 7/19  Days off?
Sometime during this period in July, MF spent 4 days in Italy (per newsletter).
MF appeared on RAI-TV show “Sensa Pete” – Conquistador video
“Auditorio A” show recorded in Naples, Italy for channel RAI-2, likely between July 15-19, 1977 – Aired Friday nights August 5 – September 23, 1977 (8 shows) – conductor Pino Presti, host Gino Paoli. – Thanks to Stephen Lovelady for the info!
then traveled to Switzerland with several band members
7/20 Travel to Montreux, Switzerland
7/21 Day off
7/22 Rehearsal for Montreux Summit/CBS All-Stars
7/23 Rehearsal for Montreux Summit/CBS All-Stars
7/24 Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland  All-Star Concert/Recording
7/25 London, England  CBS Convention  Grosvenor House (same line-up as Montreux)
7/26 Travel to Harrisburg, PA
7/27 Harrisburg, PA  Zembo Mosque Theatre
7/28 Cleveland, OH  Front Row Theatre
7/29 Toledo, OH  Seneca Auditorium (Shared the bill with Woody Herman Orchestra)
7/30 Louisville, KY  Macauley Theatre
7/31 Cincinnati, OH  Maggie’s Opera House

8/1 Day off
8/2 Youngstown, OH  Idora Park (Shared the bill with Stan Kenton Orchestra)
8/3 Cincinatti, OH The Fribleys (private party)
8/4 Cincinatti, OH The Fribleys (private party)
8/5 Washington, DC  Carter Baron Amphitheatre
8/6 Milwaukee, WI  Miller Jazz Oasis at Summerfest )

Blue Birdland
Give It One
Star Wars

8/7 Waitsfield, VT  (near Burlington) Vermont Jazz Festival, Glen Ellen Ski Area
8/8 Cedar Grove, NJ  The Meadowbrook
8/9 Minneapolis, MN  Orchestra Hall
8/10 Chicago, IL  Park West
8/11 NYC?  Recording? (Gordon Johnson’s notes)
8/12 Rochester Hills, NY  The Meadowbrook (w/ Buddy Rich)
8/13 San Francisco, CA  Masonic Auditorium
8/14 Santa Monica, CA   Civic Auditorium

8/15 to 9/11 Vacation
8/26 MF plays national anthem at Yankee Stadium, NY

Article   Article2   Article3  Article 4   Article5    Article6    Article7

Article 8   Article9

Japan Tour     Poster from Peter Erskine
9/12 Rehearsal
9/13 to 9/14 Days off
9/15 Travel to Tokyo, Japan
9/16/77 – Friday – Tokyo – Kosei Nenkin Hall
9/17/77 – Saturday – Nagoya – Nagoya Shimin Kaikan
9/18/77 – Sunday – OFF
9/19/77 – Monday – Osaka – Osaka Kosei Nenkin
9/20/77 – Tuesday – Tokyo – Kosei Nenkin Hall
9/21/77 – Wednesday – Saga – Saga Shimin Kaikan
9/22/77 – Thursday – Fukuoka – Denki Hall
9/23 Kagoshima, Japan
9/24 Kyoto, Japan
9/25 Day off
9/26 Hiroshima, Japan
09/27/77 Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan

Gonna Fly Now
Blue Birdland
I Can’t Get Started

9/28 Yokohama, Japan
9/29 Tokyo, Japan
9/30 Travel to USA

10/1 Vancouver, British Columbia  Queen Elizabeth Theatre
10/2 Seattle, WA  Paramount Theatre
10/3 Portland, OR  Sunset High School
10/4 Spokane, WA  Opera High School
10/5 Louistown, ID
10/6 Boise, ID  Boise State University
10/7 Dalles, OR
10/8 Travel & Day off
10/9 San Francisco, CA  Great American Music Hall
10/10 Sacramento, CA
10/11 Monterey, CA  Civic Center
10/12 Travel & Day off
10/13 Fullerton, CA  Plummer High School
10/14 Redlands, CA  University of Redlands
10/15 Salt Lake City, UT
10/16 Seward, NE
10/17 Hiawatha, KS Hiawatha High School
10/18 Omaha, NE  Performing Arts Center
10/19 Storm Lake, IA  Buena Vista College
10/20 cedar Rapids, IA
10/21 Kenosha, WI  St. Joseph High School
10/22 Chicago, IL  Park West
10/23 Cincinnati, OH  Music Hall
10/24 Travel & Day off, NYC
10/25 Pennsburg, PA  Upper Perkiman High School
10/26 NY, NY  Radio City Music Hall
10/27 NY, NY Rehearsal
10/28 White Plains, NY  Westchester Civic Center
10/29 Allentown, PA  Symphony Hall
10/30 Travel & Day off, Grand Rapids, MI

11/1 Rock Island, IL
11/2 Peru, IN Peru High School (2 shows) The newsletter was incorrect–This was not at Purdue University.
Thanks to John Disher for sorting this out!

Second Show:
Blue Birdland
Gonna Fly Now
Primal Scream
Blue Birdland
Christmas Medley
Blue Birdland

11/3 Crystal Lake, IL
11/4 Day off
11/5 Bloomington, IN  Indiana University
11/6 Albion, MI  Albion College
11/7 Midland, MI  Center for the Arts
11/8 Ashtabula, OH  Civic Auditorium
11/9 Syracuse, NY
11/10 Gloversville, NY  Gloversville High School
11/11 Day off
11/12 Dayton, OH
11/13 Pittsburgh, PA   Carnegie Music Hall
11/14 Carlisle, PA  Carlisle High School       POSTER
11/15 North Port, NY  North Port High School
11/16 North Port, NY  North Port High School (clinic/workshop?)
11/17 Newark NJ  Symphony Hall
11/18 Glastonbury, CT  Glastonbury High School
11/20 Norfolk, VA  Omni
11/21 Raleigh, NC  NCSU, Stewart Theatre
11/22 & 11/23 Days off
11/24 New Castle, PA
11/25 Band travels while MF plays for USC-UCLA  halftime, USC Coliseum, per Daily Trojan article dated 11.22.77
11/26 Skokie, IL  Niles West High School
11/28 Chicago, IL  Hilton Hotel
11/29 Eau Claire, WI IW
11/30 Travel & Day off, Milwaukee, WI

12/1 Milwaukee, WI
12/2 Holland, MI
12/3 Day off
12/4 Okemos, MI  Okemos High School
12/5 Livonia, MI  Clarenceville HS
12/6 Roscommon, NI
12/7 Flint, MI
12/8 Travel & Day off
12/ 9 Willowdale, Canada  Seneca College (near Toronto)
12/10 Willowdale, Canada  Seneca College (near Toronto)



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