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1988 Tour Dates

These dates come from MF’s handwritten gig calendar.


1/11 Band flies to Ojai, CA
MF TV interview re 1/14 date
1/23 – 23 Rehearsals
1/14 Ojai, CA  Valley Inn (Tour begins)
1/15 Seal Beach, Ca  Seal Beach High School
1/16 Anaheim, CA  NAMM Convention  Marriott Ballroom North
1/17 Redondo Beach, CA  Strand Theatre
1/18 Riverside, CA  Riverside Community College
1/19 Off
1/20 TV Theme recording for Bill Conti  MF only
1/21 Off, Interview re 1/24 date
1/22 San Francisco, CA  Great American Music Hall
1/23 Off
1/24 Chico, CA  Chico State University
1/25 Off
1/26 Bend OR, Bend  High School

MF interview re 1/31 date

1/27 Lake Oswego, OR  Lake Ridge High School
1/28 Kent, WA  Kent High School
1/29 Longview, WA
1/30 Spokane, WA  Spokane Civic Center
1/31 Boise, ID  Salt & Peppers C’est La Vie

2/1 Malad City, ID  Malad City High School
2/2 Salt Lake City, UT  Captain Nemos, Temple Square
2/3 Fly to Phoenix, AZ
2/4 Tempe, AZ  Chuy’s
2/5 Flagstaff, AZ  Northern Arizona University
2/6 Fullerton, CA  Fullerton College, Plummer Auditorium
2/7 Las Vegas, VN  UNLV
2/8 Off
2/9 Grand Junction, CO  Castle Creek
2/10 Durango, CO  Ft. Lewis College
2/11 Off
2/12 Alamosa, CO  Adams State College
2/13 Pueblo, CO
2/14 Santa Fe, NM  El Dorado Hotel
2/15 Gallop, NM
2/16 Lubbock, TX  Lubbock Civic Auditorium
2/17 Off
2/18 – 21 Ft Worth, TX  Caravan of Dreams
2/22 Austin, TX  Westwood High School
2/23 Pearland, TX  Pearland High School (Tour ends)
2/24 Fly home from Houston, TX
2/25 – 3/16 Vacation

3/16 Fly to Kansas City, MO
3/17 Springfield, MO  Murphy’s Club (Tour begins)
MF TV interview
3/18 Off
3/19 Cape Girardeau, NE  Central High School
3/20 Louisville, KY  Phoenix Hill Tavern
3/21 Lexington, KY  Campbell House Inn
3/22 Cynthiana, KY  Harrison County High School
3/23 Indianapolis, IN  Ben Davis High School
3/24 Off
3/25 Binghampton, NY  Peabody’s (canceled; deposit forfeit!)
3/26 Andover, MA  Collins Center
3/27 Wolfeboro, NH  Kingswood High School
3/28 Myerstown, PA  East Lebanon High School
3/29 Cape May, NJ  Cape May High School
3/30 Lakewood, NJ  Strand Theatre
3/31 Bedford, PA  Bedford High School

4/1 Pittsburgh, PA  Harpers
4/2 Off
4/3 Off
4/4 Livonia, MI  Jamies on 7
4/5 Davenport, IA
4/6 Open
4/7 Maryville, MO  Mary Lynn Performing Arts Center
4/8 Omaha, NE  Burke High School
4/9 Fond du Lac, WI  Fond du Lac Jazz Festival
4/10 Storm Lake, IA  Buena Vista College
4/11 Off
4/12 Nappanee, In  Northwood High school
4/13 Massillon, OH  Washington High School
4/14 Wilkes-Barre, PA  Kirby Performing Arts Center
4/15 Emmaus, PA  Emmaus High School
4/16 Verona, NY  Verona Sherrill High School
4/17 Winsted, CT  Tilson Café
4/18 Bradford, PA
4/19 Kane, PA  Kane High School (canceled?)
4/20 Westerville, OH  Westerville High School
4/21 North Branch, MI  North Branch High School
4/22- 23 Girard, OH  Metroplex Center
4/24 Indianapolis, IN  Union Station (MF solo appearance w/ ‘World’s biggest marching band’)
4/25 Off
4/26 Evansville, IN  Vanderburg Auditorium/Gold Room (canceled?)
4/27 Sevierville, TX Sevierville County High School
4/28 Birmingham, AL  Grundy’s
4/29 New Orleans, LA  Storyville Jazz Hall
4/30 MF flies to San Francisco, CA

5/1 Cupertino, CA  Flint Center

(MF solo appearance w/ 70-pc concert band)

5/2 Orlando, FL Valentine’s
5/3 Off
5/4 Bradenton, FL  Samuel Need Auditorium
5/5 Tampa, FL  Café Creole
5/6 – 5/7 Ft. Lauderdale, FL  Musicians Exchange
5/8 Naples, FL  Cambria Park
5/9 – 5/10 Off
5/11 Charlotte, NC  Jonathan’s
5/12 Off
5/13 Washington, DC  Hilton
5/14 Ocala, FL  Paddock Park
5/15 Fly to NY
5/16 Dix Hills, Long Island, NY  Half Hollow Hills High School
5/17 Pennsauken, NJ  Images
5/18 Off
5/19 – 22 Washington, DC  Blues Alley
5/23 Off
5/24 – 29 NY, NY  Blue Note
5/30 El Paso, TX  Texas Jazz Festival (Tour ends)

6/1 Fly home
6/3 Interviews: Playboy, Terry Armstrong, Alice Nelson
6/5 Buffalo, NY  Rehearsal (MF solo appearance)
6/6 Buffalo, NY  Stan Kenton Tribute
6/7 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada  Hamilton Place
6/13 Interview re 6/28 gig
6/16 Redondo Beach, CA  Strand Theatre (Tour begins)
6/17 Ojai, CA
6/18 Hollywood, CA  Playboy Jazz Festival
6/19 San Francisco, CA  Wente Winery
6/20 Fly to Cincinnati, OH
6/21 – 23 Jazz Festival
6/24 Columbia, MO  Blue Note
6/25 St. Louis, MO   The Riverboat
6/26 Glen Ellyn, IL  Collage of Dupage
6/27 Galesburg, IL  Orpheum Theatre
6/28 Rockford, IL  13’s
6/29 Off
6/30 Milwaukee, IL  Summerfest

7/1 Milwaukee, IL  Summerfest
7/2 Danville, IL  Danville Civic Auditorium
7/3 Rehearsal
7/4 Gurnee, IL  Six Flags Great America
7/5 Off
7/6 Rehearsal
7/7 Wichita, KS  w/ McDonald’s All-American High School Jazz Band
7/8 Minneapolis, MN  Riverfest
7/9 Baltimore, MD  Organ Ridge Amphitheatre
7/10 Chartersville, PA  Hages Hotel
7/11 Atlantic City, NJ  Sands Hotel
7/12 Off
7/13 Princeton, MA  Theatre
7/14 Chatham, MA  Theatre
7/15 – 16 NY, NY  Fulton Theatre
7/17 Dundee, NY  Glenora Winery
7/18 Off
7/19 Rehearsal
7/20 McHenry, IL  Peterson Park
7/21 Detroit, MI  New Center Park
7/22 Homewood, IL  Marie Erwin Community Center (Tour ends)
7/23 Fly home
7/24 – 28 Santa Barbara, CA  Recording

August:  India

9/14 Santa Barbara, CA  Recording
9/18 Load bus
9/19 Load truck
9/20 Bus and truck leave for Newark, NJ
9/21 Band flies to Ojai, CA
9/22 – 25 Rehearsals for 60th Birthday Big Band Tour

The first tour I did with MF was the 60th Birthday Big Band. The trumpet section
was Wayne, Roger, and Pete Olstad! Maynard had been touring with High Voltage, and
this was his first big band tour in some time, so we did a full week of rehearsals
in Ojai. At the end of the previous tour, Maynard had sprained his ankle and had
played several gigs while sitting on a stool with his foot elevated. That unusual
playing position resulted in him getting a hernia, which had to be operated on
during the break before the big band tour.

So we’re in Ojai rehearsing. Wayne, Roger and Pete sounded great, and they were
having a ball playing together. We would rehears for a couple of hours, take a break,
and during the break those guys would still be playing high notes, comparing
mouthpieces, watching Pete scrunch up his face while screaming, etc. Maynard
is taking it very easy, not really pounding too much. The first rehearsal was
the first notes Boss had played in a few weeks since his surgery.

It’s about the third day of rehearsals and we’re set up standing in a big
circle with Boss in the center. We’re playing the Hit Medley and we get
to “Maria.” Boss goes into the cadenza, and you can tell he’s feeling good
about his chops. He plays the last phrase, and just before he goes for the
finish, he turns and points his horn right at the trumpet section. He plays
the final “Ma-ri-a” up to the G, and then slots the biggest, fattest, most-Maynardiest
double B any of us had ever heard! Almost without finishing the tune, the whole
trumpet section just sits down and puts their horns on their stands. Shaking their
heads, laughing, bowing to the Boss.

Here we were with a trumpet section of three of the finest lead trumpet players
on Earth, and we had one of those moments that caused us all to say, “Oh yeah,
that’s why HIS name is on the t-shirts!”

Glenn Kostur

9/26 Band flies to Newark, NJ
9/27 Pennsauken, NJ  Images (Tour begins)

Blue Birdland
Take the A Train
Star Eyes
Caught in the Current
Lush Life
MF Hit Medley
I Can’t Get Started

from Glenn Kostur:

First night on the band…
I’m sure that every guy who ever played on the MF band remembers his first night.
My first night on the band was the beginning of the 60th Birthday Big Band tour
in ’88. We started the tour at a club called Images in Pensauken, New Jersey. Denis
was in attendance, and as happy as I was to see him, it made me a little nervous,
knowing how many nights Denis had spent in that chair! Then, we get to the Hit
Medley, and you might be able to guess what my “Dream come true” moment is: playing
the bari solo on MacArthur Park! Now, like many of you, I could sing every note
of Bruce’s solo (and all of his other solos on Live at Jimmy’s). Not only that,
but that record was what made me want to play the bari in the first place! I
have no idea what I played that night in that solo. But the feeling of walking
down front, shaking Boss’s hand, playing the thing, another handshake and a bow,
then TRYING to walk back to my spot. I was so completely energized by the whole
thing, I literally almost passed out. I was kind of hyper-ventilating, and I had
to hold onto my music stand to avoid falling over.

9/28 Harrisburg, PA  The Forum
9/29 Akron, OH  University of Akron
9/30 Pittsburgh, PA  South Hills Theatre

10/1 Off
10/2 Novi, MI  Novi High School
10/3 Indianapolis, IN  Beef & Boards Dinner Theater (photos)

Blue Birdland
Take the A Train
Star Eyes
Cruisin’ For A Bluesin’
I Can’t Get Started
MF Hit Medley

10/4 Interlochen, MI  Interlochen Center for the Arts
1pm interview
10/5 Travel Day
10/6 St Paul, MN  Ordway Music Theatre

Blue Birdland
A Train
Star Eyes
Lush Life
MF Hit Medley
I Can’t Get Started

10/7 Travel Day
10/8 St. Louis, MO  Party w/ Steve Shankman
10/9 Travel Day
10/10 Philippe, WV  Broadus College
10/11 Hickory, NC
7pm interview
10/12 Augusta, GA  Augusta College
10/13 Orlando, FL  Sweeney’s
10/14 Ft. Lauderdale, FL  Parker Playhouse
10/15 Jacksonville, FL  Jacksonville Jazz Festival

BBN Performance (filmed)
Set I
Blue Birdland
Take the A Train
Star Eyes
But Beautiful
Cruisin’ for a Bluesin’
MF Hit Medley       video
Set II (TV Broadcast–Paul Shaffer describes this in the bonus features
of the Memorial Concert DVD)
Love & Happiness (w/ Paul Shaffer Band and Louie Bellson, Bob James)

Trumpets: Maynard Ferguson, Wayne Bergeron, Roger Ingram, Pete Olstad, Chris Reyes
Bones: Alex Iles, Rich Berkeley
Saxes: Chris Hollyday, Matt Wallace, Gene Burkert, Glenn Kostur
Guitar: Tom Bevan
Perc: Billy Hulting
Bass: Jim Donica
Keys: John Toomey
Drums: David Tull

10/16 Clearwater, FL  Coachman Park
10/17 Off, MF flies to meeting
10/18 New Orleans, LA  Sanger Performing Arts Center
10/19 Huntsville, TX  Sam Houston A.M.V.
10/20 Rockwall, TX  Rockwall High School
10/21 Off
10/22 Lindsborg, KS  Bethany College
10/23 Travel to Aspen, CO
10/24 Aspen, CO  Wheeler Opera House
10/25 Fly home
10/26 Ahaheim, CA  Celebrity Theatre

Blue Birdland
Take the A Train
Star Eyes
Winter Games (Calgary Theme)
Cruisin’ For A Bluesin’
I Can’t Get Started
MF Hit Medley

10/27 Rehearsal
10/28 San Francisco, CA  Great American Music Hall
10/29 – 31 Santa Barbara, CA

11/1 Travel to Japan
11/2 Arrive Japan
11/3 Press & rehearsal
11/4 Tokyo, Japan (Japan tour begins)
11/5 – 6 Off
11/7 Osaka, Japan
11/8 Japan
11/9 Japan
11/10 Japan
11/11 – 13 Tokyo, Japan
11/14 Off in Tokyo
11/15 Off in Tokyo
11/16 Travel Day
11/17 – 28 Japan (Tokyo?)
11/29 End of Japan Tour
11/30 Fly to USA

12/4 – 6 Santa Barbara, CA  Recording
12/31 Per MF’s calendar: “MF & Flo drunk on margaritas”

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