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1981 Tour Dates

These dates come from a complete gig calendar created by a booking agent and then taken on the road by MF, who updated it along the way:


1/26 MF flies from Bangalore, India to Los Angeles, CA
1/27 MF arrives in Los Angeles, CA, then flies to Orlando, FL
1/28 – 30 Orlando, FL  Rehearsals 10 – 1, 2 – 5, 7 – 10 each day
1/31 Miami, FL  Dade Country Auditorium (Tour begins)

2/2 Melbourne, FL  Florida Institute of Technology
2/3 Dunedin, FL Dunedin High School
2/4 Tampa, FL  Tampa Theatre
2/5 Ocala, FL  Forest High School
2/6 Daytona, FL  Daytona Community College  TV Interview
MF mid-day TV appearance in Orlando
2/7 Leesburg, FL  Lake Sumter Community College
2/8 West Palm Beach, FL  Tommy’s Kennel Club
2/9 Jacksonville, FL  University of Florida
2/10 Travel Day
2/11 Cape Girardeau, MO  Cape Girardeau High School
2/12 St. Louis, MO  Plantation Dinner Theater

Partial Recording
You Can Have Me Anytime
Everybody Loves the Blues

2/13 Lawrence, KS  Lawrence Opera House
2/14 Sioux City, IA  Morningside College
2/15 Omaha, NE  Oaksville Country Club
2/16 Maryville, MO  Northwest Missouri University
2/17 Fulton, MO  Fulton High School
2/18 Travel Day
2/19 Denton, TX  Denton High School
2/20 Lawton, OK  Cameron University
2/21 Mesquite, TX  Eastfield College  TICKET
2/22 Off
2/23 Carthage, TX  Carthage High School
2/24 Tahlequah, OK  Northeastern Oklahoma University
2/25 Travel Day
2/26 Houston, TX  McCullough High School
2/27 San Antonio, TX  Performing Arts Center
2/28 Travel Day

3/1 Sierra Vista, AZ  Buena High School
3/2 Cottonwood, AZ  Mingus Union High School
3/3 St. George, UT  Dixie High School
3/4 Travel Day
3/5 Caldwell, ID  Caldwell High School
3/6 Moscow, ID  University of Idaho
3/7 Seattle, WA  Moore Theatre

Set 1
Blue Birdland
Give It One
Dance To Your Heart
You Can Have Me Anytime
Everybody Loves The Blues
Set 2
MF Hit Medley

3/8 Bellingham, WA  West Washington University
3/9 Longview, WA  R.A. Long High School
3/10 Bremerton, WA  Holiday Inn
3/11 Bend, OR  Bend High School
3/12 Off
3/13 Reno, NV  Reno Jazz Festival, Pioneer Auditorium
3/14 Off
3/15 Rawlins, WY  Rawlins High School
3/16 Julesburg, CO  Julesburg High School
3/17 Glenwood, IA  Glenwood High School
3/18 Minneapolis, MN  Prom Center
3/19 Green Bay, WI  Carlton Inn
3/20 Chillicothe, IL  Illinois Valley Central High School
3/21 Freeport, IL  Highland Community College
3/22 Skokie, IL  Niles West High School
3/23 Off
3/24 Rolling Meadows, IL  Rolling Meadows High School Nick Drosdoff Story

Blue Birdland
Give It One
Dance to Your Heart
You Can Have Me Anytime
Everybody Loves the Blues
Latino Lovewalk
MF Hit Medley

3/25 Travel Day
3/26 Lebanon, PA  North Lebanon High School
3/27 Union, NJ  Wilkins Auditorium
3/28 Providence, RI  Center Stage
3/29 Framingham, MA  Framingham High School
3/30 Off/Gold Album presentation
3/31 Huntington, NY  Huntington High School

4/1 NY, NY  The Ritz
4/2 Glenelg, MD  Glenelg High School
4/3 Philadelphia, PA  University of Pennsylvania
4/4 Montecello, NY  Montecello High School
4/5 Rehearsal
4/6 Almonesson, NJ  Auletto’s Ballroom (DiBlasio story 81)      PHOTO
4/7 Centerville, MD  Centerville High School
4/8 Elwood City, PA  Lincoln High School
4/9 Toronto, Ontario, Canada  Seneca College (moved to 10/2?)
4/10 Detroit, MI  Royal Oak Theatre
4/11 Dayton, OH  Sinclair Community College
4/12 Pittsburgh, PA  University of Pittsburgh
4/13 Tyrone, PA  Tyrone High School
4/14 Off
4/15 Lewisburg, WV  Greenbrier East High School

Partial Recording
A Hit In The Head
Take The A Train
Everybody Loves the Blues
Latino Lovewalk
MF Hit Medley

4/16 Hickory, NC  Lenoir Rhine College
4/17 Off
4/18 Georgetown, KY  Scott County High School
4/19 Off
4/20 Reynoldsburg, OH  Country Dinner Theater
4/21 Scottsburg, IN  Scottsburg High School
4/22 Jackson, TN  Lambuth College
4/23 Arkadelphia, AR  Henderson State University
4/24 Jonesboro, AR
4/25 Wichita, KS  Century II
4/26 Rolla, MO  University of Missouri
4/27 Off
4/28 St. Louis, MO  High School (Tour ends)
4/29 Fly Home
4/30 – 5/21 Vacation

5/22 Los Angeles, CA  Rehearsals for CBS & Japan Tour
5/23 Fly from LA to Japan
5/24 Arrive Fukuoka, Japan
5/25 Fukuoka, Japan  Shimin Hall
5/26 Kobe, Japan  Kokusai Hall
5/27 Osaka, Japan  Festival Hall

Latino Lovewalk
Take The A Train
Gonna Fly Now
MF Hit Medley
I Can’t Get Started

5/28 Nagoya, Japan  Shimin Hall
5/29 Niigata, Japan  Kenmin Hall
5/30 Off
5/31 Tokyo, Japan  Olympic Stadium (World Soccer)

Halftime Show:
Give It One
MF Hit Medley

6/1 Morioka, Japan  Iwate Kenmin Hall
6/2 Sendai, Japan  Denryoku Hall
6/3 Tokyo, Japan Koseinenkin Hall
6/4 Tokyo, Japan Yubin Chokin Hall
6/5 Off
6/6 Tokyo, Japan Toranomon Hall

Blue Birdland
Give It One
Hit In The Head
You Can Have Me Anytime
Take The A Train
Everybody Loves The Blues

6/7 Off
6/8 Off
6/9 Hamamatsu, Japan
6/10 Tokyo, Japan  Olympic Stadium (World Soccer)

Halftime Show:
Rocky (?)
Star Wars(?)
MF Hit Medley

6/11 Japan Tour ends, fly to Los Angeles, CA
6/12 – 18 Off
6/19 Ojai, CA  World University Graduation (MF & Piano)
6/20 – 24 Off
6/25 MF flies from Santa Barbara, CA to Chicago, IL
6/26 Chicago, IL Rehearsal
6/27 Chicago, IL  Hyatt Regency Grand Ballroom, NAMM Convention
6/28 Chicago, IL  Jewish Community Center
6/29 Rhinelander, WI  Holiday Acres Resort
6/30 Off

7/1 Dubuque, IA  Five Flags Center
7/2 Off
7/3 Rockford, IL  Metro Center
7/4 Cable, WI  Telemark Resort
7/5 Mineral Point, WI  High Street Civic Center
7/6 Oak Park, IL Oak Park Mall

Blue Birdland
Give It One
Hit in the Head
Everybody Loves the Blues

7/7 Off
7/8 Bloomington, IL  Off Center
7/9 Springfield, IL  The Inferno
7/10 Evansville, IN  Executive Inn
7/11 St. Louis, MO  Plantation Dinner Theater
7/12 Kansas City, MO  Brush Creek Park
7/13 Omaha, NE  Orpheum
7/14 Topeka, KS  Gage Park
7/15 Travel Day
7/16 Chicago, IL  First National Bank
7/17 Milwaukee, WI  Performing Arts Center (article)
7/18 Indianapolis, IN  (cancelled?)
7/19 Flint, MI  Sheraton Inn
7/20 Midland, MI  Midland Center for the Performing Arts
7/21 Detroit, MI  Plaza Hotel
7/22 Edinboro, PA  Edinboro State College
7/23 Toronto, Ontario, Canada  The Forum, Ontario Place
7/24 Youngstown, OH  Idora Park
7/25 Monroeville, PA  Holiday House
7/26 off
7/27 Ocean City, MD  Fenwick Inn
7/28 – 29 Off
7/30 Leave for Caracas, VZ for South American Tour
7/31 Valencia, VZ  Barbarella Club

8/1-2 Caracas, VZ  Altamira Theatre
8/3 Off
8/4 Caracas, VZ  Pareevro Theatre
8/5 Fly to New York
8/6 Bristol, CT  Lake Compounce

Gary Burghoff of MASH sits in on drums

8/7 Atlantic City, NJ  Gardiner’s Basin
8/8 Glen Cove, Long Island, NY  Northstage Dinner Theater

Blue Birdland
Give It One
Hit In The Head
Take The A Train
Everybody Loves the Blues
Blue Birdland
Latino Lovewalk

8/9 Vienna, VA  Fair Oaks Mall
8/10 Staten Island, NY  The Office
8/11 MF flies to Los Angeles
8/12 – 13 Off
8/14 Santa Barbara, CA  Jazz Festival (Tour ends, possibly MF solo appearance)
8/15 – 20 Off
8/21 MF flies to Williamsport, PA
8/22 Williamsport, PA  Rehearsal
8/23 Williamsport, PA  (MF solo appearance?)
8/24 – 9/14 Vacation

9/15 MF flies from Los Angeles, CA to Milwaukee, WI
9/16 Rehearsals
9/17 Whitewater, WI  University of Wisconsin (Tour begins)
9/18 Appleton, WI  Fox Valley Lutheran High School
9/19 Off
9/20 West Lafayette, IN  Purdue University
9/21 Parkersburg, WV  Parkersburg High School
9/22 Mansfield, OH  Renaissance Theater
9/23 Mt. Clemens, MI  Carousel Dinner Theater (moved to 10/30?)
9/24 Ashtabula, OH  Shea Civic Theater
9/25 Scranton, PA  Weldwood Lounge
9/26 College Park, MD  University of Maryland
9/27 Spring lake, NJ  The Homestead
9/28 Off
9/29 Londonderry, NH  Londonderry High School
9/30 Lynhurst, NJ  European Market

10/1 Endicott, NY  the Lodge
10/2 Toronto, Ontario, Canada  Seneca College
10/3 Greenbush, NY
10/4 Boston, MA  Berklee School of Music
10/5 NY, NY  “Tomorrow” Show w/ Tom Snyder, Rockefeller Center

Latino Lovewalk

10/6 NY, NY  The Bottom Line
10/7 Hagerstown, MD  Hagerstown High School
10/8 Off
10/9 Charlotte, NC  Spirit Square
10/10 Knoxville, TN  University of Tennessee
10/11 Off?
10/12 Greenville, NC  East Carolina University
10/13 Pembroke, NC  Performing Arts Center
10/14 Chapel Hill, NC  Chapel Hill High School
10/15 Off?
10/16 Off
10/17 Harrisburg, VA  James Madison University
10/18 Baltimore, MD  Famous Ballroom
10/19 Rockville, MD  Harlequin Dinner Theater
10/20 Mendham, NJ  Mendham High School
10/21 Pinehill, NJ  Pinehill High School
10/22 Off
10/23 Islip, NY  Islip High School
10/24 Philadelphia, PA  Shaare Shamajan  Synagogue
10/25 Reading, PA  Reading High School
10/26 Erie, PA
10/27 Off
10/28 Mt. Clemens, MI  Carousel Dinner Theater
10/29 Chicago, IL  Woodfield Shopping Center
10/30 Green Bay, WI  Dinner Theater
10/31 Off?

11/1 Marshall, MN  Southwest Minnesota State University
11/2 Fargo, ND
11/3 Cable, WI  Telemark Ski Lodge
11/4 Rhinelander, WI
11/5 Rochester, MC  Rochester Community College
11/6 Off
11/7 Osseo, MN  Osseo High School
11/8 Bloomington, MN  Carlton Celebrity Room
11/9 Austin, MN  Austin High School
11/10 Cedar Rapids, IA  Jefferson High School
11/11 White Fish Bay, WI  White Fish Bay High School
11/12 Off, Meeting at Holton at Elkhorn, WI
11/13 Random Lake, WI  Random Lake High School
11/14 Wheeling, IL  Wheeling High School
11/15 St. Louis, MO  Plantation Dinner Theater
11/16 Lawrence, KS  Lawrence Opera House
11/17 Wichita, KS  Century II
11/18 Off
11/19 Oklahoma City, OK  Lincoln Plaza
11/20 Dodge City, KS  St. Mary of the Plains College
11/21 Travel Day
11/22 Garland, TX
11/23 Off
11/24 Houston, TX  Woodlands Community College (per Bob Odneal)
11/25 McAllen, TX  Civic Center
11/26 Off
11/27 Houston, TX  Rockefellers
11/28 Travel Day
11/29 El Paso, TX  J.M. Hanks High School
11/30 Tucson, AZ  Sunnyside High School

12/1 Page, AZ  Page High School
12/2 Las Vegas, NV  Dunes Hotel
12/3 Travel Day
12/4 San Francisco, CA  Great American Music Hall
12/5 Placerville, CA  Placerville High School
12/6 Off
12/7 Fresno, CA  First Money
12/8 Placentia, CA
12/9 Torrance, CA  El Camino Lodge
12/10 Los Angeles, CA  Comedy Store (Tour ends)

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