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1989 Tour Dates

These dates come from MF’s personal handwritten gig calendar, though there were some pages missing near the end of the year. Newsletters were used for these dates, and so the dates are incomplete for this time period.


1/4 – 19 Interviews

Around this time, MF does a 25-minute interview with KTIE-TV, Santa Barbara

1/20 – 22 Ojai, CA  Matilija Junior High School, Rehearsals
1/23 Chula Vista, CA  Chula Vista High School (Tour begins)
1/24 Off
1/25 Fresno, CA  Fresno High School
1/26 San Luis Obispo, CA  Cuesta College
1/27 Ventura, CA  Ventura High School
1/28 Los Alamitos, Ca  Los Alamitos High School
1/29 Off
1/30 Pittsburg, CA  Pittsburg High School
1/31 Redding, CA  Redding Convention Center

2/1 Travel Day
2/2 La Grande, OR  East Oregon State University
2/3 Gresham, OR  Sam Barlow High School
2/4 Aberdeen, WA  Aberdeen High School
2/5 Seattle, WA  Parkers

High Voltage
Star Eyes
Get Off The Bus
Night in Tunisia
King Kan
Till Then
Blue Birdland

2/6 Sunnyside, WA  Sunnyside High School
2/7Spokane, WA  Military Base
2/8 Spokane, WA  Casablanca
2/9 Travel Day
2/10 Provo, UT  Brigham Young University, Wilkinson Center
2/11 Cedar City, UT  Cedar City High School
2/12 Las Vegas, NV  Landmark Hotel
2/13 Off
2/14 El Paso, TX  Fort Bliss
2/15 Midland, TX Midland High School
2/16 – 19 Ft. Worth, TX  Caravan of Dreams
2/20 Travel Day
2/21 Granite City, IL  Granite City High School
2/22 Evansville, IN  American Federation of Musicians Hall
2/23 Columbus, OH  Pickerington?
2/24 – 25 Buffalo, NY  Tralfamadore
2/26 Pepper Pike, OH  Orange High School
2/27 off
2/28 Centerville, OH  Centerville High School

3/1 Indianapolis, IN  Pike High School
3/2 Off
3/3 Manitowoc, WI  Capital Civic Center
3/4 Travel Day
3/5 Kearney, MO  Kearney High School
3/6 – 8 Off
3/9 Burlington, WI  Burlington High School
3/10 Machesney Park, IL  Harlem High School
3/11 MF & Ed fly w/ piano/bass/drums
3/12 Modesto, CA  Modesto Center Plaza w/ symphony orchestra
3/13 Fly to Chicago, Il
3/14 – 19 Chicago, IL  Fairmont Hotel (Tour ends)
3/20 Fly home
3/21 – 26 Off
3/27 Arsenio Hall appearance       VIDEO
3/28 Phone interviews
3/29 – 30 Santa Barbara, CA  MF in studio

4/3 Four phone interviews
4/6 Fly to Chicago, IL, bus to Bowling Green, OH
4/7 Bowling Green, OH  Rehearsal
4/8 Bowling Green, OH  Bowling Green University (Tour begins)
4/9 Port Huron, MI  McMorran Plaza
4/10 – 11 Off
4/12 Syracuse, NY  Corcoran High School
4/13 Canton, NY  St. Lawrence University
4/14 Rockaway, NJ  Morris Hills High School
4/15 North Babylon, NY  Deer Park High School
4/16 Off
4/17 Orchard Park, NY  Orchard Park High School
4/18 Off
4/19 Burton, NC  Cape Hatteras School
4/20 Farmville, VA  Longwood College
4/21 Mt. Pleasant, SC  Boon Hall Plantation
4/22 Raleigh, NC  Martin Middle School
4/23 – 24 Travel Days
4/25 Newport, ME  Nokomis Regional School
4/26 Fairhaven, MA  Hastings Middle School
4/27 Off
4/28 Newport, VT  N. Country Union High School
4/29 Dudley, MA  Shepard Hill Regional High School

Set I
Blue Birdland
A Night in Tunisia
In A Mellow Tone
The Fox Hunt
Glenn’s Den
Set II
Hit and Run
St. Thomas
Hit Medley

4/30 Off

5/1 Off
5/2 Upper Darby, PA  Upper Darby High School
5/3 Kincroft, NJ  Brookdale College
5/4 – 5 Off
5/6 St. Louis, MO  Westport Dinner Theatre
5/7 – 8 Off
5/9 Cleveland, OH  Front Row Theatre
5/10 Off
5/11 Off, MF, Ed, piano/bass/drums fly to Denver, CO
5/12 St. Louis, MO  Westport Dinner Theatre
5/13 -14 Longmont, CO  Longmont Symphony Hall  Program

MF with Symphony Orchestra
A Night in Tunisia
MF Hit Medley

5/15 Pennsauken, NJ  Images
5/16 Off
5/17 Baltimore, MD  Blues Alley
5/18 – 21 Washington, DC  Blues Alley
5/22 Regis Philbin filming
5/23 – 28 NY, NY  The Blue Note
5/29 Travel Day
5/30 San Francisco, CA  Fairmont Hotel

6/1 – 4 San Francisco, CA  Fairmont Hotel (Tour ends)
6/2 – 18 Vacation
6/19 Santa Barbara, CA  MF at Sound Design studios
6/20 MF and Ed Sargent fly to Baltimore, MD
6/21 Jazz Explosion rehearsal (w/ Billy Eckstine, Marlena Shaw, Jimmy Smith)
6/22 Baltimore, MD  Pier 6 (Jazz Explosion tour begins)
6/23 Westbury, Long Island, NY  Westbury Music Fair
6/24 Boston, MA  Great Woods
6/25 Cincinnati, OH  River Bend Music Center (Jazz Explosion Tour ends)
6/26 Fly home
6/27 High Voltage rehearsal
6/28 High Voltage rehearsal
6/29 Travel Day
6/30 Jacksonville, OR  Pavillion (Tour begins)

7/1 Buffalo, NY  LaSalle Park
7/2 Atlantic City, NJ  Bally’s Grant
7/3 McKeesport, PA  McKeesport Riverfront Park
7/4 Off
7/5 Fly to Chicago, IL
7/6 Chicago, IL  The Traffic Jam
7/7 Milwaukee, WI  Summerfest (article online)
7/8 Off
7/9 Bryant, IN  Bear Creek Farms
7/10 Off
7/11 Memphis, TN  Kings Palace
7/12 Nashville, TN  Nashville Center Stage
7/13 Dayton, OH
7/14 Carlisle, PA  Hotel Carlisle & Embers Convention Center
7/15 New Haven, CT  The Greens Jazz Festival
7/16 Providence, RI  Roger Williams Park
7/17 Philadelphia, PA  Robin Hood Dell
7/18 Travel Day
7/19 Off
7/20 Tampa, FL  Ruth Eckard Hall
7/21 – 22 Ft. Lauderdale, FL  Musicians Exchange
7/23 Off
7/24 Orlando, FL  JJ Whispers
7/25 Off
7/26 Knoxville, TN  Ella Gurus
7/27 Lexington, KY  Civic Center
7/28 Lebanon, PA  On Stage
7/29 Ipswich, MA  Castle Hill Festival
7/30 Hazelton, PA  Philharmonic Society
7/31 Off

8/1 Youngstown, PA  Mr. Anthony’s
8/2 Detroit, MI  Ponchartrain Hotel
8/3 Off
8/4 Twin Lake, MI  Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp
8/5 Fly to Japan
8/6 Arrive in Tokyo, Japan
8/7 – 12 Tokyo, Japan  The Blue Note (Tour ends)
8/13 Fly to India

9/4 – 5 Travel to Los Angeles, CA
9/6 – 25 Vacation
9/26 Interview
9/27 Ed Sargent arrives
9/28 -29 Off
9/30 Ojai, CA  Rehearsal

Page 2 of October calendar missing (Thurs/Fri/Sat columns)

10/1 – 4 Ojai, CA  Rehearsals
10/4 Santa Barbara, CA  MF overdubs
10/5 No info available
10/6 Madison, WI  Wisconsin Union Theatre
10/7 No info available
10/8 Rehearsal?
10/9 Pennsauken, NJ  Images
10/10 Rehearsal
10/11 Long Island, NY  Rockville Center, South Side High School
10/12 Boston, MA  Marblehead High School

Blue Birdland
A Night in Tunisia
In A Mellow Tone
The Fox Hunt
But Beautiful
Glenn’s Den
MF Hit Medley

10/13 Troy, NY  Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute
10/14 – 15 NY, NY  Indigo Blue
10/16 Greenfield, MA  Greenfield High School
10/17 Off
10/18 Lexington, KY  University of Kentucky
10/19 Louisville, KY  Splash

Blue Birdland
Night in Tunisia
Mellow Tone
Fox Hunt
Glenn’s Den
Most Triumphant
But Beautiful
Hit and Run

10/20 Highland Park, IL  Highland Park Auditorium
10/21 No info available
10/22 Peoria, IL  Peoria High School
10/23 Evansville, IN  Central High School (article)
10/24 St. Louis, MO  (high school)
10/25 Off
10/26 Topeka, KS  Topeka West Auditorium

Blue Birdland
Night in Tunisia
Mellow Tone
Fox Hunt
Glenn’s Den
Blue Birdland
Most Triumphant
MF Hit Medley

10/27 Lyons, KS  Lyons Auditorium
10/28 Omaha, NE  Central Auditorium
10/29 Off
10/30 Amarillo, TX
10/31 Off

Calendar pages missing for November/December


11/5 Redondo Beach, CA
11/7 – 8 Pasadena, CA  Ambassador Theatre
11/9 San Francisco, CA  Great American Music Hall
11/12/89 – Kentridge HS Seattle

Blue Birdland
Night In Tunisia
Mellow Tone
Fox Hunt
Glenn’s Den
Hit and Run
MF Hit Medley

11/15 El Dorado Hills, CA  Oakridge Auditorium
11/17 Logan, UT  Utah State
11/30 – 12/3 Columbus, OH  Battelle Auditorium

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